Tuesday 17 January 2017 | 4 : 47AM Damascus Timming
  • 13:39 BREAKING: ISIS cut the road linking between Jora and Qosor neighborhoods towards Deir Ezzor airbase
  • 13:35 BREAKING: ISIS seize Taamin brigade near Deir Ezzor military airbase
  • 14:31 BREAKING: Active shooting near the Department of security building "Emniyet" in Turkey's Gaziantep city, 1 Casualty reported
  • 13:01 BREAKING: Central court, Red Crescent, Municipality and post office are out of service after the explosion that hit Azaz city northern Aleppo
  • 12:57 BREAKING: Syrian regime forces bombard Harasta city with mortar projectiles in Rif Dimashq
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