Saturday 21 October 2017 | 1 : 2PM Damascus Timming
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#FreeSyria: Campaign To Raise Awareness For The Recent Horrific Events In Syria
Prepared By : Ali Reza - Edited By : Talal Kharrat & Ali Reza
Updated : Saturday 30 September 2017 | 12 : 37AM Damascus Timming
Saturday 30 September 2017

Agencies (Qasioun) - During recent days, Idlib province, Northern Hama province, Aleppo West and South Country sides, Douma in East Ghouta and many other liberated areas in Syria have been target to cruel airstrikes, which included a regime attack on a center for the disabled in Madira eastern Ghouta other airstrikes killed at least 3 medical personnel and damaged a number of medical facilities and civil defense centers. These airstrikes have killed and injured tens of civilians including women and children each and every day.


A group of activists who coordinated a social media campaign in October 2016 with the Hashtag #StandWithAleppo started a new campaign after receiving messages from their friends who previously used to live in Aleppo The former Aleppo residents who mostly live in Idlib province or West and South country sides of Aleppo felt that the airstrikes very much reminded them of the days in the besieged Aleppo.


A Syrian who was drawn out from the rubble by the Syrian Civil defense wrote recently:

Try to imagine,Stuck under the rubbles, and waiting your own death. Hear people around you, is anyone here? and you are alone stuck and too weak to say something and unable to answer: "Yes, here"


A Facebook event was planned to invite everyone to join the tweeter storm on Sunday, a wide range of Humanitarian and Social Media activists from America and Europe have already joined the event as well as Syrians from inside and those living abroad Syria.


“Idlib has been hit by over 500 airstrikes this week, they’ve hit schools and hospitals and White Helmet facilities, they hit a vegetable market in Idlib when it was supposed to be in a de-escalation area. It is time for us to act again to bring this to the attention of the world” said an activist joining the campaign.



In a video Message Dr. Farida speaks about the destination of newborn babies in Idlib.

"As-salamu alaykum, This is Dr. Farida from Idleb, I’m now in the hospital and this is a baby born today, and this is a baby born yesterday, and this is a baby born today, we’ll be in need of surfactant, we don’t have surfactant in Idleb, I think you remember me when I was in Aleppo. Now I’m afraid that these babies will have the same destiny of the babies in Aleppo. Now I’m hearing the sound of bombardment outside the hospital, it’s not very close to us but we can hear that and we are afraid, our hospital is not protected, it’s over the ground, it’s not under the ground, just pray for us, thank you"


Dr. Farida was the last remaining OBGYN Doctor in East Aleppo during the siege, she was forcibly displaced in December 2016 She was among the group of doctors in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo that appealed to President Barack Obama for help. In an open letter, they told the U.S. president, “We don’t need tears, we need action.” In an interview with USA Today Dr. Farida said that has no intention of quitting. “I love my work, and I love my patients. And I love little babies.”

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